You are putting in the hard work, getting clients through your door, designing and applying stunning eyelash extensions. But you're disappointed when your client returns just a couple of weeks later, and all your hard work is gone.

In this Masterclass, we deep-dive into why lash retention is so important, all of the factors that can affect retention, PLUS the common misconception about lash retention that noone is talking about!

  • Learn why lash retention = client retention & why having your clients return to you time and time again is vital for the survival of your business.

  • Discover the realities of extreme lash retention PLUS the common misconceptions about retention that noone is talking about

  • Deep-dive into what's going wrong during the application process, and why your adhesive doesn't suck!

  • Doing everything right? Uncover the physiological and pathological reasons your client's lashes are not lasting as long as they should.

  • BONUS: Learn how to scientifically determine the moisture in the air of your lash space in Humidity 101 (PSSST...you're reading your hygrometer wrong!)

Vanessa Young

Southern Lash & Beauty

"Overall amazed, I feel like I've learnt more in this course then what I did in my other course. Everything makes complete sense, definitely feel more confident now knowing I can inform my clients what potentially could be happening to them. Knowing if I do everything right and they do, retention should not be an issue."

Rohana Dawes

"This course was outstanding! Taught me a lot for troubleshooting possible retention issues I will encounter and thoroughly enabled me to understand optimal environment conditions for my adhesive."

Beverley Marks

Be Lush Beauty

"I am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice with my daily clients to see improvements in their retention."

Renae Ho

Olive Lash Studio

"Great refresher on retention and factors affecting it. The bonus humidity 101 was very helpful also."

Bonnie Hunter

Beauty by Bonnie

"Fabulous information! Very descriptive and informative. Goes into a great deal of information about outside factors effecting the retention that I definitely didn't know about. "


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Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Advanced Lash Retention!

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    • Introduction to Lash Retention

    • Lesson 1: Lash Retention = Client Retention

    • Lesson 2: Retention Goals

    • Lesson 3: Retention and the Lash Stylist

    • Lesson 4: Retention and the Client

  • 3

    BONUS: Humidity 101

    • Presentation: Humidity 101

    • PDF: Psychrometric Chart

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